David and Goliath Case

October 29 2020 – Katie Perry

David and Goliath Case
David and Goliath Case

As you may have read, I am taking legal action against the singer, Katy Perry, for infringing my Katie Perry trade mark in Australia – which I’ve held since 29th September 2008.


I established my fashion label in late 2006 using my birth name, to meet the growing need for women’s wear that mixes comfort with luxurious style. I had no knowledge of the singer at the time, and just worked hard to establish my brand.


Back in 2009, Katy Perry’s representatives tried to bully me to give up my trade mark by attempting to initiate opposition proceedings and threatening to sue me. The singer eventually gave up trying to get a hold of my Australian trade mark rights and instead chose to simply disregard it. Katy Perry clothing and other infringing articles have been sold in Target, Myer and online across a variety of sites, to name a few.


Up until now, as a mother of two young children, I did not have the financial resources to take on the singer by commencing expensive legal proceedings.  It is only through the support of LCM (Litigation Capital Management Limited), a global litigation funder, that I have been able to take action.


Even then, I am just a small business, and Katy Perry has huge resources behind her.  This is a real David and Goliath fight.  But I am not just fighting for myself.


I am doing this on behalf of all small businesses in this country who can find themselves up against overseas entities who have much more financial power than we do.

Trial date is set for Monday 29th November 2021