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Superfine Merino Wrap- Chilli Red



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Superfine Merino Wrap- Chilli Red


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      Live well: Sustainable luxury that goes everywhere


      Comfortable | Versatile | Oh so fabulous

      Looking for something exceptional and timeless? Something that’s likely to become your signature piece? Our merino wrap is a bit of easy luxury that effortlessly elevates your style. Superfine merino keeps your body temperature regulated, so you can (and should) wear it year-round. 

      Anti-bacterial properties contribute to its well-deserved reputation as a wonder fibre, and the UV resistance will keep the sun off your shoulders without heating you up. In the cooler months, stay cosy warm without adding bulk to your frame; you’ll reach for the softness of this wrap anytime you feel a chill. Our premium merino is from Melbourne and is digitally cut for zero waste – we sew it in Sydney. That means everything is locally made and ethically produced in small batches with the utmost care. 

      Merino also doesn’t cost the earth since it’s a biodegradable fabric, and at the end of its life, it won’t clog landfills. You’ll take this everywhere with you, so we’ve included a breathable cotton bag. There isn’t an occasion that our merino wrap won’t leave you sorted for – from school runs to champagne dinners with friends, from Zoom calls to yoga sessions, and of course from travel to cosy nights in. 

      Not only will it be your new everyday favourite for yourself, but it will also become your go-to gift for anyone in your life with good taste and an occasion to celebrate. We love it for new mums, bridesmaids, birthdays, frequent flyers, retreat goers, yogis, and even corporate gifts. Hot tip: Men love it too. 

      Katie’s style tip: Use it as a scarf to banish chills in winter while giving casual clothes a bit of polish. Comfortable sophistication is always in style. When it’s warm out, cover your shoulders to avoid sunburn and drafts from air-conditioning.


      • Measures two generous metres for draping or wrapping
      • Sustainable superfine merino fibre wrap 
      • Antibacterial, UV resistant, biodegradable 
      • Durable and strong with incredible softness


      • Made in Australia 
      • Zero-waste, cut to order
      • Made with certified non-mulesed merino
      • Comes with a carry bag for travel 
      • Monogram friendly
      • Machine washable 


      Q: Can I machine wash my merino wrap? 

      A: Of course you can! Add a bit of detergent to a gentle cycle and line dry. 

      Q: Is the merino wrap okay for people with sensitive skin? 

      A: Merino wool wears like a dream! You’ll love the softness of this superfine fibre against your skin. Even people who ‘can’t wear wool’ have no issues with merino. 

      Q: Is merino wool odour resistant? 

      A: YES! You won’t have to worry about washing your wrap too often as merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial. 

      Q: Will my merino wrap get wrinkled during travel and normal wear? 

      A: Merino looks like a spring under a microscope, and its elasticity gives it a luxurious stretch. Tote it in its travel bag, and when you pull it out, it’ll look brand new. 

      Q: Can I wear my merino wrap year-round? 

      A: Absolutely! This completely sustainable and biodegradable fabric wicks moisture and helps your body temperature regulate itself no matter whether it’s summer or winter. Did you also know that it has a UV rating of 40 to 50 as well? 



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