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Kids Merino Scarf-Chilli



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Kids Merino Scarf-Chilli


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      Savvy Scarves : For kids who want to conquer the day 

      Sustainable | Versatile | Encouraging

      Created by Katie and her daughter as a way to talk about sustainability and looking after ourselves. 

      Every morning on their way to pre-school and school Katie and Savannah would say together..
      I am kind. I am brave.I am funny.I am a good friend

      ending with a high five in the air saying " And I am ready to conquer the day"

      This got Katie thinking.. What if there was a scarf made for kids by a kid. A scarf that could start the conversation with kids about sustainability and inner confidence that is made in Australia?

      So these 100% merino scarves were born. 100% sustainable, zero waste, biodegradable, breathable and made in Australia

      Each scarf comes with an affirmation card.

      Every time your child uses the scarf remember to say the affirmations together. Its a reminder for both parent and child!


      Our premium merino is from Melbourne and is digitally cut for zero waste – we sew it in Sydney. That means everything is locally made and ethically produced in small batches with the utmost care. 

      Merino also doesn’t cost the earth since it’s a biodegradable fabric, and at the end of its life, it won’t clog landfills. 


      • Measures two generous metres for draping or wrapping
      • Sustainable superfine merino fibre wrap 
      • Antibacterial, UV resistant, biodegradable 
      • Durable and strong with incredible softness
      • Handcut and hand crafted 


      • Made in Australia 
      • Zero-waste, cut to order
      • Made with certified non-mulesed merino
      • Comes with a carry bag for travel 
      • Monogram friendly
      • Machine washable 
      • 1.4 metres x 12cm * Handcut so widths can vary


      Q: Can I machine wash my Savvy Scarf ? 

      A: Of course you can! Add a bit of detergent to a gentle cycle and line dry. 

      Q: Is merino wool okay for people with sensitive skin? 

      A: Merino wool wears like a dream! You’ll love the softness of this superfine fibre against your skin. Even people who ‘can’t wear wool’ have no issues with merino. 

      Q: Is merino wool odour resistant? 

      A: YES! You won’t have to worry about washing your wrap too often as merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial. 

      Q: Can I wear use the Savvy scarf all year-round? 

      A: Absolutely! This completely sustainable and biodegradable fabric wicks moisture and helps your body temperature regulate itself no matter whether it’s summer or winter. Did you also know that it has a UV rating of 40 to 50 as well? 



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