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Face Masks- Fresh Water Turtle



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Face Masks- Fresh Water Turtle


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      Spread love not germs masks 

       What matters to you:

      • Washable, durable, 3 layer, 100% cotton mask.
      • Sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, Australian made.
      • Supporting NT indigenous prints
      • Handmade, made to order masks so no wastage
      • Giving purpose and job to this living with disabilities 
      • Katie Perry x Aus Designs Face Masks 

      About the print :
      " Fresh Water Turtle" - Kathy Bobongie

      Home: Daly River

       Kathy is a descendent of the Marrathiel people of the Daly River, NT region.  She is a traditional owner and her family has established an outstation called Delye.  The Marrathiel people are predominantly freshwater people and their land does not extend to the sea.

      The painting shows some of the bush food and the long and short neck freshwater turtle.  Turtles are a good source of protein and fat in the diet.  The lily flower is a rich source of food with crunchy stems, petals like salad vegetables and the creamy tasting yellow centre.  Lily pod seeds have a nutty flavour.  The background colour of blue depicts the water.  Some of the other colours are traditional colours used in aboriginal paintings.

      Due to hygiene reasons facemasks can not be exchanged and refunded.
      This is part of a social enterprise and not included in vouchers or sales

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